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Seapearl DC Dive Trip



South China Sea
In the beginning 0f 16th century, Maluku, known as Moluccas, had been on the list of the world’s trade. Spices produced in the Moluccas sent to all over the world, valued like gold by the Europeans. The Portuguese and the Dutch colonialized the islands and made Ambon as the center of the government. Underwater, Ambon offers an unforgettable experience, from exploring mysterious underwater structure, stunning caves, underwater valleys, to wreck dive at the shipwreck in Ambon Bay. Those divers’ favorites are Pintu Kota, Hurukila Cave, Aquila wreck, and Laha. However the islands have many more dive sites to be visited, such as Namalatu, Pulau Tiga, Tanjung Sial, Tanjung Setan, and many more. Pintu Kota can be reached within 10 minutes boat ride from Latuhalat beach. The site boasts huge dome and mysterious sensation. Hurukila Cave has smaller dome but there are some small caves beacon, perfect scene for wide-angle lens. On the other side, Laha one of the best muck diving site in Indonesia. In Laha, the unique and rare species ‘Psychedelic’ frogfish stuns Divers. Aquila wreck is an 80 meters long World War II cargo ship sank by the beach into the depth of 30m. Check the condition of the site with local dive operator or professionals because sometimes the current is quite strong and limited visibility. Wreck penetration diving requires special skills and knowledge due to safety. Indulge Ambon’s underwater landscape where the colorful coral reefs grow healthily with abundance of colorful Rhinopias swimming close to the reefs, and get a close encounter to a large number of frogfish species, the schools of pelagic fish such as giant trevallies, some shark species, manta rays, and the cute napoleon.