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Seapearl DC Dive Trip



Thousand Island
Thousands Islands, locally called Kepulauan Seribu, is not consists of more than 1000 islands, in fact there are only 110 islands in the compound. The islands are part of North Jakarta, and can be reached by speedboat from Marina Ancol or by public boat from Angke. The nearest islands from the mainland, Jakarta, are Ayer Island and Bidadari Island, are about 20 minutes by boat in a good water condition. Pramuka Island is the melting pot of islands’ inhabitant because most of the facilities such as school and health center are available in the island. Many dive courses held in Jakarta and around do the Open Water session in Pramuka Island because the island provides accommodation facilities, easy access, and the most important thing is good underwater scenery just a giant step away from the jetty. Generally, every island in the Thousands Islands surrounded by slope covered with coral reefs almost until 80m away of the shoreline. No wonder that seventy-eight islands are already declared as National Marine Park. The National Park recorded that The Thousands Islands is the house of 276 coral species and 232 fish species. Diving in Thousands Islands, beside enjoying the reefs and the fishes, divers also enjoy a big chance to encounter the sea turtle- Eretmochelys imbricate in the wilderness because the archipelago is the habitation of the turtle. Or one can organize the trip to Thousands Islands on the days when the Thousands Islands Marine Festival is held. So you can melt in the local crowd or joining some watersports games or other competitions.